Episode 51 : Size Matters

This week the boys pick a topic and then before even getting to it decide to talk about big projects, the pros and cons and how they deal with them. Show notes and links do do dadodo : Youtube People what we think are spiffing Wintergatan : Website and YouTube Real Engineering : [...]

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Episode 50 : Doing it the right way

This week the boys discuss the right way of doing things, what it means and does it matter? Show notes and links Thilo Nass - Wet Plate Photography : Instagram Jim Parkyn : Instagram Plumb Weld - Peter B(P)arker : Instagram Don't hug me, I'm scared : YouTube People what we think are [...]

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Episode 49 : Licence To Make

This week the boys discuss allowing ourselves and those around us to be creative in whatever form that takes. Show notes and links Ben and Heidi : YouTube and Instagram People what we think are spiffing Scott Grove : Instagram and YouTube Prickly Sauce : Instagram and YouTube Pendleton Ward : Wiki Bonus [...]

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Episode 48 : Hand Fool Rescue

This week the boys are joined by Eric and talk about stuff. Mostly old stuff. Some new stuff. But mostly old. Show notes and links Hand Tool Rescue : YouTube and Instagram People what we think are spiffing Black Beard Projects : Instagram and YouTube Rich and Cat (BrainFizz and Hippy Noodle) : [...]

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