Episode 83 : Hindsight’s a DireWolf

This week the boys are joined by Rasmus Loen and discuss the new Sonic movie. Show notes and links Rasmus : YouTube, Instagram, website and Casting LoL People what we think that are spiffing CloverDale Forge : Website and Instagram LoveKnotsbyLucy : Etsy ElectroBoom : YouTube and Instagram MattMakesMess : YouTube(check out the [...]

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Episode 82 : Unforeseen Underpants Gnomes

This week the boys discuss Calsberg. It's probably the best episode in the world. Show notes and links Andy Mac : YouTube and Instagram Tim and Franco : Franco's Instagram and Tim's Instagram and Tim's YouTube Make It Soph : YouTube and Instagram Want to be meet others makers and hang out with [...]

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Episode 81 : The Language of Making

This week the boys discuss "natural talent" and how much of it is learnt and how much comes from somewhere else. Show notes and links Joe O'leary : Website and Instagram Adam Cee : Instagram and YouTube Disney Stunt Robots : A Video of the Robots. There are many more. Want to be [...]

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Episode 80 : Well, That’s Different…

This week the boys discuss differences, perspectives and why your way might not always be the right way. Show notes and links Steve Pellegrino : Website and Instagram Irving Finkel : Website, Instagram and YouTube Shane Conlan : Instagram and YouTube Want to be meet others and discuss why they're wrong? Then the [...]

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