About Fools
Fools with tools podcast is two friends talking about their attempts to make it as Makers here in the UK. With the vast majority of makers podcast being from established american makers we aim to provide a uniquely British point of view on the trials and tribulations of becoming a maker. We hope to entertain, inspire, educate and learn from you as we invite you on our journey through makerism. Which is definitely a word.

Steve House: Moonshine Metalworks
Despite being a relative newcomer to the craft of blacksmiths Steve is already well on the way to becoming a full time maker, in his spare time he works in a professional ‘shop assisting with both forging and teaching. When not working he can be found in his own workshop in a rural village creating mostly small ironwork but has plans for much larger projects incorporating both metal and wood to film for his YouTube channel. Check out his website here and Instagram here.

Alex Bull-Halfpenny: Al’s Hack Shack.
Al has been a maker all his life, as a kid was fascinated by finding out how things work (i.e. breaking things and taking them apart) and is now a professional colourer-inner. A Jack of all trades from the Lake District, he is a Northern monkey who runs the Youtube channel Al’s Hack Shack.

He also cooks.