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In this episode Steve again suffers through sleep deprivation to talk about man crushes and new friends whilst Rob tries to keep him on track talking about motivation in the shop. Got something you think we should talk about? Why not let us know on the FWT Facebook page (here)

Show notes and links:
Yandles Woodworking and crafts

Al’s Hack Shack YouTube and Facebook

Mr Motivator!

BearAndAntler (Jas)

Makers what we think are spiffing
Frome Hardware : Website and Instagram
Anachry Bakery : FaceBook and Instagram
William Lutes : Website, YouTube and Instagram

The first installment of a makers podcast featuring a couple British guys who are just starting out on their maker journey, this episode we discuss who we are, what we do and where we want to be.

Show notes:
Makers what we admire
David Picciuto : https://makesomething.tv/
The Godfather, Jimmy DiResta : http://www.jimmydiresta.com/
I’ll post more indepth notes next episode, I promise. Maybe.