This week the boys have some questions to answer and Steve and Al pick on Brett.

Show notes and links

Give ‘em The Boot III : YouTube
Beastie Boys Anthology : YouTube
Queen : The Greatest Hits : YouTube

12 Tasks of Asterix
Banquet of the Titans
– Whole Wild Boar
– 8 Roast Geese
– Flock of Mutton
– 8 dozen egg “Titanic” Omelette
– A Whole School of Fish
– Whole Roast Ox
– Whole Roast Cow
– 2 Whole Roast Veal
– Mountain of Caviare
– And a Piece of Toast
– Whole Roast Camel
– Whole Elephant with Olives

Chainsaw Sculptor : Website and Instagram

Neil Kamimura : Instagram and Website

Ben Eater : Instagram and Twitter

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